TA Office was established in 2000 on the basis of the experiences gained since 1994 by Davide Ruzzon, architect and founder of the firm, and Stefano Debiasi, his partner engineer, specialized on structural design. Over the years, other firms and professionals have joined the two founders in order to give form to the current multidisciplinary structure of the team, consisting of 16 professionals.


Applied Neuroscience

In three decades, neuroscience has developed a knowledge around the body/brain relationship with the environment, inside which each day we live, a lot larger than all the knowledge inherited from two thousand years. In an aware way, today it is possible to make architectural choices able to foster our daily activities.

TA Office can now develop protocols in order to build suited places for the different human experiences: from the learning to the dwelling, from work activities to the relax, from the traveling to the care, etc. The developing phase of the design is integrated, from the preliminary phase to the building phase, with the recommendations included in the Guide Lines, written for each project, on the multisensory perception more suited to the uses for which the intervention are realized.


TA has always refused to limit itself to specific fields  of interest: the firm has been engaged on renovation, rebuild and new construction projects. In the same way, the typologies objects of the design research have been multiple, going from housing to single villas, from commercial stores to public buildings, from multipurpose to offices, hospitality included.

Among the more meaningful completed works, we can mention Battisti Villa in Padova, Peraro House in the southern Padua countryside, the restoration of Palazzo Bacchini, the multipurpose building called Marconi 1 in Monselice, the Cemetery of Baone in the Euganean Hill Regional Park, and the Swimming Public Centre in Conselve.

Integrated Engineering

TA Building Laboratory develops architectures working plans, of every typology: from single and located buildings to territorial and landscaping scale works. Every single phases of organization and definition of the work components, of the executive methods, checking costs and building site organization are organized by TA partners, Davide Ruzzon and Stefano Debiasi.
Together with TA founders operate associated consultants, of specialized disciplines, as Davide Cassutti and Alessio Borgato for technical systems planning, as well as Gabriele Maragotto for the building control costs and building site safety organization and Antonio Baldon for hydraulic engineering.
Continuous dialogue between different skills guarantees precise and scrupulous choice on technics and materials, working methods and building site management.

Industrial Design | Graphic and web design

Industrial Design:
Within this sector, supervised by Sofia Nicoli, interior design projects are developed. From space arrangement of more elements to the study of a single piece of furniture made for industrial production.
Graphic design, web:
Here several types of concepts and printing layout are studied both for editorial projects, and advertisement for companies according their profile and products information. Specific attention is dedicated to web sites design. Today digital interface can be addressed to a multiplicity of uses: information exchange platform, products and companies profile promotion, portal of advanced services. Thanks to the cooperation with external I.T. service providers, Chiara Rango supplies advanced website design solutions for work, trade and social networking.
Particular brand for the web and Ebook sector born recently


Lisa Zucchini is LEED AP since 2009 and she is TA coordinator of all LEED certification processes. LEED is a rating system developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in 1998. Based on a holistic approach, LEED evaluates the performance of a project from the environmental point of view throughout its life cycle. LEED is applicable to both new buildings and renovations, and it is based on the scientific approach that pushes for the implementation of sustainable practices that can substantially reduce or eliminate negative environmental impact of the building. LEED certification can reduce operating costs and maintenance costs, increase the value of real estate, increase productivity, health, and safety of workers.

Web Community Outreach

TA approach to design and master planning is strongly based on market’s evaluation and on citizen’s suggestions about use of space. The methods of collecting information and data are varied: from public meetings, to personal interviews, to more an interface service supplied through an integrated use of web platforms and social media.  Case by case and place-to-place, the goal is to provide a service which enables investors, public administrators and users to build a common vision, reducing waste of time, money, risks, and difficulties associated to every innovative challenge. riattiwa-TA Davide Ruzzon-cohousing coworking partecipazione


Thanks to the contribution of neuroscience, biology and human sciences, we can build a space capable of transmitting signals to our multi-sensory system that positively support our daily activities, our experiences, making them more motivated and effective. We can build suited spaces for uses, not in a mechanical sense, but in the phenomenological one.

schlemmer-davide ruzzon-TA


Seek harmony between the architecture and the experience is part of the search for beauty.

tuned architecture-davide ruzzon-TA


In the city, every daily choice gives us an expectation, profound and unconscious: it is the very essence of the experience.

Ituned architecture-davide ruzzon-TA


From every birth, since the development of the Homo Erectus, every movement and every gesture of the body are related to deep emotional layers.

tuned architecture-davide ruzzon-TA


The emotions related to a motor activity of the body can be translated into architectural relations.

tuned architecture-davide ruzzon-TA


Through mirror neurons, bring out the emotions related to the sensory-motor metaphor of the project development.

tuned architecture-davide ruzzon-TA


The mind turns emotions into feeling: the shape makes 'visible' the tuning between the expectation, hidden in every choice, with the space.





Davide Ruzzon

debiasi-TA-ruzzon davide
Stefano Debiasi
structural engineering

chiara rango_web@book-TA-ruzzon davide
Chiara Rango
graphic and web design

riccardo montesello-TA-ruzzon davide
Riccardo Montesello

lisa zucchini-TA-ruzzon davide
Lisa Zucchini

alessio borgato-TA-ruzzon davide
Alessio Borgato
plant engineering

gabrieli magarotto-TA-ruzzon davide
Gabriele Maragotto
costs assessment

antonio baldon-TA-ruzzon davide
Antonio Baldon
environmental engineering

sofia nicoli-TA-ruzzon davide
Sofia Nicoli

simone stievano-TA-ruzzon davide
Simone Stievano

arianna rossi-TA-ruzzon davide
Arianna Rossi

davide cassutti-TA-ruzzon davide
Davide Cassutti
plant engineering

cinzia meneghesso-TA-ruzzon davide
Cinzia Meneghesso

Verazzi-TA-ruzzon davide
Matteo Verazzi

Verazzi-TA-ruzzon davide
Alessandra Miotto



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